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the Healthcare I.T. situation

  1. Healthcare systems are deploying, accelerating use of, or upgrading Electronic Health Records (EHR).
  2. IT leaders are under pressure to reduce costs.
  3. CIO's are trying to improve their cybersecurity systems and reduce risks.
  4. Management is navigating a sea of data analytics and seeks actionable insights.

critical factors

  1. The industry regulations are in constant flux and include substantial penalties for non-compliance.
  2. Patient involvement in managing their healthcare is on the rise.
  3. Staff may experience training gaps during initial EHR use and during upgrades over time.
  4. Functional gaps arise based on the modules purchased and legacy systems/applications being maintained.
  5. Cybersecurity risk increases as hardware, software, services and procedures are deployed.
  6. Operating and capital budgets remain under pressure.

you and your team will reach a critical risk point triggered by the "digital dewpoint"

Your Critical Risk Point™ is triggered by the “Digital Dewpoint™”; the point where technology, humanity, and regulations converge to create chaos. You recognize the Digital Dewpoint when your processes and performance begin to break down, placing operations and patients at potential risk. At this point, the organization enters what we call the "I.T. Fog™.”


As the Chief Information Officer, you and your colleagues can see the Fog coming and are aware of rocks ahead (operational obstacles, functional errors, physician frustration, training gaps, security risks). You believe you have all the necessary tools in place to help your team navigate.


However, as you sail into the Fog, you run the risk of hitting some of these rocks as clinical staff struggle with new technology workflows. In combination, the issues associated with the new system could negatively impact service line performance, revenue and operating budgets. At this moment, your organization can drift off course and the entire system is at maximum risk.


Contact Windancer Technologies. We have proven expertise and experience to:


  • Implement the new EHR program on time and on budget.
  • Staff the key functional areas to navigate to optimal system performance at low risk.
  • Tune the technologies, workflows and procedures to get the program working efficiently.
  • Close new virtual and physical security gaps.
  • Improve organization and community communications.
  • Implement an on-site HiC™ (Healthcare Intelligence Center) or Managed Security Solution to monitor and manage system performance and threats.


Get on board with Windancer, ensure that your system stays clear of the Fog, and performs in-line with Key Performance Indicators established by the leadership team.

Windancer's key factors in successful deployments

  1. Deploying seasoned EHR program directors.
  2. Helping you select EHR vendor modules that meet your requirements.
  3. Effectively anticipating and managing clinical and cultural changes required by the new EHR implementation.
  4. Complete mapping of the enterprise architecture and workflows.
  5. Marketing the EHR and Cybersecurity programs and their benefits to internal and external audiences.
  6. Staffing key support positions for the project and long term operations.

the windancer difference

  • We have developed and license unique intellectual property that accelerates system performance.
  • Offer a complete and integrated solution that includes program management, cybersecurity, marketing and talent.
  • Implement Cybersecurity assessments and solutions via our proprietary S2 Methodology: "Secure and Stable.”
  • Deploy highly-skilled talent.
  • Build strong relationships with all stakeholders throughout the hospital system.
  • Includes strategic M&A advisory services.
  • Maintain low overhead to maximize client ROI.

Navigating the way for today's Healthcare Leadership.

EHR Deployment. Cybersecurity. Talent.

Emerging Technologies.

Navigating the way for today's Healthcare Leadership.

EHR Deployment. Cybersecurity.


Emerging Technologies.

On course. On time.

On budget.